Winter Makes Time Stand Still

When I was a kid time seemed to pass ever-so-slowly; summer seemed almMaple_natch_fost endless and by mid-August I suffered from the “there's nothing to do” kid syndrome and actually looked forward to school starting. Until September actually arrived and school loomed on the more or less immediate horizon. (more...)

Fewer Vacant homes in St. Paul

The City of St. Paul has a vacant building program and a list of registered vacant buildings and I Hammer-1 periodically check the list to see how many homes are on the list. In September of 2008 the were over 2031 registered vacant buildings on the list and most were single family homes. That seems to be when the number peaked. Currently there are 1470 on the list. That is still a large number and not all vacant homes need to be registered. Homes are being renovated and re-sold and they are selling. (more...)

Help Wanted?

No sense beating around the bush this morning—I'm unemployed for Will Work For Coffee the first time in over twenty-five years; involuntarilly separated from my employer after over eleven years of very-enjoyable service. If you are expecting any sort of rant about this—fagettaboudit; this is my take on applying for unemployment benefits with the State of Minnesota and seeking employment. Things have changed a lot since my last experience, now instead of going to the Minnesota State Unemployment Office and applying in person, one may (and is encouraged to) apply on-line. (more...)

Do you live in a NORC?

The first time I heard the term "NORC" was a couple of years ago at the West 7th Community Center. I had to stop the meeting and ask for a definition. NORC is an acronym for Naturally Occurring Retirement Community. (more...)