Real estate is local

I was reading some real estate advice on one of those big national real estate web sites. I thought that some of the advice was good but who ever wrote it doesn't know much about Minnesota real estate. Real estate is heavily regulated at the state level and the rules and laws are different in each state. Some of the differences are huge. (more...)

Extortion Or Transparency?

There is a web site called Zillow that gives a "zestimate" which looks like an estimate of the value for most every property. When a home is for sale it can be listed as forsale on Zillow. If the real estate agent pays for a premium account then the for sale price appears next to the listing and the zestimate is below the rest of the information. In fact a person could miss the zestimate all together. (more...)

Frustrated Because Your Inquiry Isn’t Being Answered?

When home buyers and even sellers contact me they are often surprised when I either pick up the phone, return their phone call within an hour or maybe two or answer their email the same day or even the same hour that it comes in. Anyone who is in business and wants to stay in business as a real estate agent knows how important it is to respond to buyers and sellers. (more...)

Housing market recovering?

I hang my head in shame for putting the word recovery in the title of a blog post. As near as I can tell the housing market has been recovering since 2008. There have been many articles about recovery and I hear it on the news almost every time new numbers are published. The housing market is great for first time home buyers with good jobs. Interest rates are still very low giving first time buyers great opportunities. (more...)