Get your independent foreclosure review

This is a public service message as we are all trying to get the word out. . but tomorrow I will go back to our regular program once I figure out what that is.

Read this only if you think it is possible that a mindless money grubbing corporation could make a mistake or intentionally do something wrong.

Do you qualify for an Independent Foreclosure Review or any remedies under the National Mortgage Settlement (Attorney Generals’ Settlement?)

What’s Available?

Options vary but may include:

- Direct payments to borrowers, estimated at $2,000 if home was lost to foreclosure;

- Refinance options for underwater mortgages;

- Loan modification assistance including principal reduction.

Your mortgage must have been serviced by one of the 14 participating mortgage lenders/servicers or their affiliates:

America’s Servicing Co.; Aurora Loan Services; BAC Home Loans Servicing; Bank of America; Beneficial; Chase; Citibank; CitiFinancial;CitiMortgage; Countrywide; EMC;EverBank/EverHome Mortgage Company; Financial Freedom; GMAC Mortgage; HFC; HSBC; IndyMacMortgage Services; MetLife Bank; National City Mortgage; PNC Mortgage; Sovereign Bank; SunTrust Mortgage; U.S. Bank; Wachovia; Washington Mutual; Wells Fargo; Wilshire Credit Corporation

Seriously what do you have to lose? Contact my friends at the Minnesota Home Ownership Center. They are a legitimate organization that I highly recommend for help with housing issues including foreclosure and foreclosure prevention.

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