Is your alarm just noise?

Small dogs that come out of nowhere and alarm systems that I can not disarm fast enough are occupational hazards.

I have set off quite a few alarms in homes over the years. I am not proud of it and I do the best I can to deactivate the alarm but just finding the keypad fast enough can be a challenge. If I can find the keypad I only find it fast enough about half the time.

Even if I find the keypad as hard as I try I don’t always press the right buttons fast enough. Last time I messed up because there were actually two keypads and I found the wrong one. Go figure. It used to worry about setting off alarms now I don’t let if bother me. The noise can be painful but it is all just part of the job and I suck it up.

When I trip the alarm the noise may prevent my buyers from staying in the home long enough to really have a good look. Setting off a home security system almost never results in anyone investigating why the alarm was tripped.

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