Real estate is local

I was reading some real estate advice on one of those big national real estate web sites. I thought that some of the advice was good but who ever wrote it doesn’t know much about Minnesota real estate. Real estate is heavily regulated at the state level and the rules and laws are different in each state. Some of the differences are huge.

Minnesota real estate is regulated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The Minnesota attorney generals web site had excellent consumer information for persons who want to buy, sell or rent property in Minnesota. These guides are far better than the generic information I have seen on the big real estate web sites that sell homes and advertise refrigerators all on the same page.

Even the terminology used during a real estate transaction is different in say California than it is in Minnesota.

The Attorney General’s office doesn’t sell anything not even refrigerators.

Check on these guides for Minnesota real estate information:

Home Buyers Handbook

Home Sellers Handbook

Landlord and Tenant Rights

If you still have questions send me an email or call. I can probably answer them.

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